ADAA Relief Fund
When Hurricane Sandy hit, ADAA took immediate action. Within a week, it had formed the ADAA Relief Fund, which began distributing grants to galleries and non-profit arts organizations damaged by the storm. The efforts of generous donors galvanized the entire fine arts community and brought necessary attention and resources to this important cause.

To date, the Fund has distributed 50 grants, totaling $543,500, to aid in recovery. ADAA organized an information session to provide an opportunity for those affected by the storm to receive professional advice regarding insurance policies and legal concerns. A year later, ADAA held a Collectors’ Forum to commemorate the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and discuss issues including conservation, storage, insurance, and the prevention of future damages. 

The ADAA Relief Fund will continue to be a resource moving forward. We retained a portion of the donations to provide aid in the event of future disasters, ensuring that we are able to react quickly and protect our cultural community.