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69 ADAA Members Exhibiting at The Art Show

  • Berggruen Gallery

    Berggruen Gallery will showcase both historical masters who have played a pivotal role in the gallery’s history many of which have been held in private collections as well as contemporary visionaries.
  • Peter Blum Gallery

    Paul Fägerskiöld (1982), a foremost Swedish artist, will create new paintings using either oil or spray paint on raw linen from two unified series that investigate perception, scale, and symbolism.
  • Marianne Boesky Gallery

    Nine paintings from Donald Moffett’s 'Fleisch' series, one of which is the artist’s earliest foray into his 'Gutted' paintings.
  • Jonathan Boos

    “Psychological Realism” will feature works with deceptively straightforward and realistic imagery, which in fact reveals a deeper psychological narrative of the artist or the subjects depicted.
  • Bortolami Gallery

    Bortolami and Andrew Kreps Gallery propose a joint presentation of works by the late abstract painter Carla Accardi (1924-2014).
  • Castelli Gallery

    Castelli Gallery proposes a booth featuring works on paper that use paper not simply as a support for an image, but as an integral part of the work itself, emphasizing a heightened materiality.
  • Cheim & Read

    Important early works by Alice Neel, dating from 1935 to 1962. These intimate paintings provide an unprecedented view into the artist's practice.
  • James Cohan

    A solo presentation of new works by Palestinian American artist Jordan Nassar.
  • Danziger Gallery

    A solo show of vintage photographs by Brett Weston focusing on two bodies of work – the abstracted dunes of California and New Mexico and the more detailed urban pictures of New York from the 1940s.
  • DC Moore Gallery

    A solo-presentation of the American artist Jane Wilson (1924-2015) which will highlight rare, large-scale paintings from the 1980s and 1990s that have not been exhibited for 30 years.
  • Elkon Gallery

    Elkon Gallery proposes a solo booth by renowned artist John Wesley. From the 1970s to the present, the exhibition will include both paintings and works on paper, some of which have never been shown.
  • Debra Force Fine Art, Inc.

    Shadow & Light in 20th-Century American Art with an emphasis on Modernist, Precisionist, and Surrealist works by leading artists.
  • Fraenkel Gallery

    Fraenkel Gallery and Luhring Augustine propose a double-booth presentation of the work of Lee Friedlander and Christopher Wool. The presentation will highlight their mutual concern with text.
  • Peter Freeman, Inc.

    A one-artist booth dedicated to drawings and paintings (1956-1965) by Charlotte Posenenske (1930-1985).
  • James Goodman Gallery

    Important paintings, sculptures & works on paper comprised of early Twentieth Century Masterworks alongside significant Post-War & Contemporary works of art.
  • Marian Goodman Gallery

    A solo presentation of works by British sculptor Tony Cragg.
  • Gray

    A solo presentation of recent paintings and works on paper by Chicago-based artist Jim Lutes.
  • Alexander Gray Associates

    A presentation of work by Hugh Steers (1962—1995), whose allegorical paintings captured the emotional and political tenor of life in NYC under the specter of AIDS.
  • Howard Greenberg Gallery

    An exhibition featuring work from the photographers of the New York School (1936-1963).
  • Hirschl & Adler Galleries

    Surrealism and Magic Realism: how were they different in mid-20th century American art? Was there a real distinction? We will explore the differences—and many similarities—between the two movements.
  • Hirschl & Adler Modern

    “Looking Out,” a solo presentation of paintings by John Moore (b. 1941), focuses on a major formal and conceptual theme in his work of the past 20 years: the window as lens to the real and imagined.
  • Nancy Hoffman Gallery

    Judy Fox presents "Garden," an environmental installation germinating from the Biblical Genesis story. In terra cotta, It depicts Eve, a Serpent Tree and wildly imaginative plant-like creatures.
  • Hosfelt Gallery

    New paintings by London-based Gideon Rubin. Rubin looks to found images for inspiration: vintage photo albums, magazines, books and old films. The work reflects his preoccupation with Weimar Germany.
  • Susan Inglett Gallery

    Vintage pornographic images transferred to canvas, censored and transformed by Beverly Semmes as a continuum of her Feminist Responsibility Project (FRP) presented at the 57th Carnegie International.
  • Casey Kaplan

    A solo presentation of new paintings by gallery artist Judith Eisler. Eisler's works are painted cinematic close-ups sourced from her own photographs of paused film scenes.
  • Kasmin

    A compilation of new works by two formidable contemporary artists, Alma Allen and Matvey Levenstein.
  • Kayne Griffin Corcoran

    A solo exhibition of vibrant textile paintings alongside unique glass, wooden, and marble sculptures by Mika Tajima.
  • June Kelly Gallery

    A solo show of wall sculpture by Joan Giordano that draws on a reservoir of memory & homage to the printed word. She brings a new spin to this constructive sustainable recycling of newsprint.
  • Sean Kelly Gallery

    A solo presentation by London based artist Idris Khan.
  • David Kordansky Gallery

    A solo presentation of large-scale works on paper by Sam Gilliam. Each of these works from 2019 measures six feet tall and over three feet wide.
  • Krakow Witkin Gallery

    Krakow Witkin Gallery proposes to present a tight exhibition of the work of Robert Barry, Sol LeWitt, Giulio Paolini, Liliana Porter, and Kay Rosen.
  • Andrew Kreps Gallery

    Bortolami and Andrew Kreps Gallery propose a joint presentation of works by the late abstract painter Carla Accardi (1924-2014).
  • Galerie Lelong & Co.

    A solo booth of work by Ficre Ghebreyesus.
  • Locks Gallery

    A presentation revisiting Edna Andrade’s seminal paintings, prints, and wallpaper from the 1960s and 1970s, highlighting her far reaching and continued impact as an early leader of the Op Art movement
  • Jeffrey H. Loria & Co., Inc.

    Exploring the works of Pablo Picasso through a multitude of styles and materials.
  • Luhring Augustine

    Fraenkel Gallery and Luhring Augustine propose a double-booth presentation of the work of Lee Friedlander (b. 1934) and Christopher Wool (b. 1955).
  • Matthew Marks Gallery

    Works by the gallery's esteemed artists to reveal the concepts that define our program and highlight the practices that each artist has developed over time.
  • Mary-Anne Martin|Fine Art

    Gunther Gerzso: the Surrealist Years. The 1940's were formative for this Mexican artist, who joined a set of émigrés from Europe to Mexico including Carrington, Varo, Paalen, Rahon & André Breton.
  • Barbara Mathes Gallery

    The history of abstraction is inseparable from ideas of movement and rhythm. This booth will explore the development of such ideas through the work of postwar artists.
  • McClain Gallery

    Dorothy Hood's collages reveal influences from her time spent in Mexico to the impact of the space age, cybernetics, mysticism, and philosophy, and highlight her unique artistic vision and techniques.
  • Miles McEnery Gallery

    A solo presentation of new works by April Gornik.
  • Anthony Meier Fine Arts

    A solo exhibition booth dedicated to the work of Brazilian artist Rodrigo Cass. This would be the artist's first solo presentation at a North American art fair.
  • Menconi + Schoelkopf

    A single-artist presentation of work by John Marin, running concurrent to an exhibition at the gallery, which will focus on the critical response to Marin's work.
  • Donald Morris Gallery

    We will create a dialogue between works of significant modern, contemporary, and pre-modern art, within a space designed to foster a meaningful visual meditation.
  • Jill Newhouse Gallery

    "Corot, Rousseau, Millet and The Modern Landscape" How the development of landscape painting is reflected in contemporary art.
  • Gallery Wendi Norris

    A two-artist presentation of seminal, rarely-viewed artworks by Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo staged as an exploration of their unique artistic partnership.
  • P•P•O•W

    A solo presentation of new works by Ramiro Gomez, a painter who creates intellectually honest paintings about the unseen people who allow the art world to function.
  • Pace Gallery

    Selected works by Adam Pendleton, reflecting his ongoing examination of image, text, and material, and his continued interrogation into issues of representation and meaning.
  • Pace Prints

    A solo exhibition featuring monumental collages on panel by Nina Chanel Abney.
  • Franklin Parrasch Gallery

    Franklin Parrasch Gallery proposes its Art Show debut with a booth featuring Dennis Hopper alongside artist friends Bell, Benglis, Berman, Conner, Cooper, Davis, Herms, Kienholz, Martin, and Ruscha.
  • Petzel Gallery

    Los-Angeles based visual artist and theorist Walead Beshty (b. London, UK, 1976) presents a mirrored floor installation and never before exhibited photograms in color and in black and white.
  • Ricco/Maresca Gallery

    One-person show of the work of Self-Taught master, Martín Ramírez. The overall design of the booth will evoke the sense of a confined space in which Ramírez produced his body of work.
  • Yancey Richardson Gallery

    An exhibition of new work by South African artist Zanele Muholi, to be made in formerly colonized countries of Africa.
  • Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

    A solo exhibition of William Henry Johnson (1901-1970), the second solo exhibition of the artist's exceptionally rare work in our thirty-year history.
  • Salon 94

    New work by Australian Aboriginal painters Yukultji Napangati & Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri alongside artists from the Western Desert like Mantua Nangala and Emily Kane Kngwarreye.
  • Susan Sheehan Gallery

    A well-curated group of rare and important American prints and works on paper from the postwar era.
  • Sicardi | Ayers | Bacino

    A solo exhibition of the work of Venezuelan master artist Mercedes Pardo, a pivotal figure in the Informalist movement and a pioneer of geometric abstraction.
  • Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

    New work by Jeffrey Gibson, whose multimedia practice explores and celebrates his Choctaw and Cherokee heritage, his queer identity, pan-Native American visual culture, and American popular culture.
  • Jessica Silverman Gallery

    A two-person show: works by Jirō Takamatsu not exhibited since 1968-70, from the Gilbert & Lila Silverman Collection, and new paintings by LA-based, half-Japanese artist Dashiell Manley.
  • Sperone Westwater

    A presentation of new thread paintings by American artist Emil Lukas. These would be made specifically for the fair and installed along with the artist.
  • Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

    "Helène Aylon: Breaking & Changing," featuring process-driven works of the 1970s from four of the artist's series, with video documentation of a performance at 112 Greene Street.
  • Leon Tovar Gallery, Inc

    Leon Tovar Gallery’s debut at The Art Show proposes a solo show booth of works by Marcelo Bonevardi from his New York period.
  • Van Doren Waxter

    The booth will be devoted to intimately scaled works on paper highlighting the period of 1950-1990. It will examine the formal qualities of line and color spanning over 40 years of American art.
  • Venus Over Manhattan

    "Remembering Phyllis Kind," dedicated to the history of Phyllis Kind’s eponymous galleries in New York and Chicago.
  • Meredith Ward Fine Art

    An exhibition that will explore the impact of European sojourns on the work of American modernists.
  • Washburn Gallery

    Works on paper and sculpture by Richard Stankiewicz.
  • Michael Werner

    A solo booth of new and recent works by German artist Raphaela Simon.
  • Yares Art

    Selections of oils by Milton Avery, Sally Michel Avery and March Avery Cavanaugh "The Avery Family." Yares Art has represented the Milton Avery Estate for 50 years.
  • David Zwirner

    A one-person exhibition of photographs by James Welling.