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5020 Tracy Street
Dallas, TX 75205
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Talley Dunn Gallery is committed to exhibiting outstanding and groundbreaking contemporary art in a variety of media by established and emerging artists. With over twenty years of experience in the art world, Talley Dunn focuses on building lasting relationships with artists, collectors, curators, and critics from around the country and abroad.

Talley Dunn is firmly dedicated to building the careers of the artists that the gallery represents through exhibitions, acquisitions, publications, and projects. The gallery encourages the growth and development of its artists with an ambitious exhibition program and an ongoing dialogue with museum curators and art critics nationally and internationally.

In addition to organizing year-round exhibitions and programs at the gallery, Talley Dunn works continuously on off-site exhibitions and projects with museums, institutions, galleries and private collectors from coast to coast. This involvement broadens the audience for the artists that the gallery represents while providing opportunities for the artists to experiment with new ideas in varying environments. 

Talley Dunn Gallery strongly believes in creating opportunities for racial equity in the Texas arts community. The Talley Dunn Gallery Equity in the Arts Fellowship strives to foster the development of emerging Black and Indigenous artists and other artists of color in North Texas, whose artmaking forms the backbone of our cultural landscape. In line with Talley Dunn Gallery’s ongoing commitment to anti-racism in our community, the gallery pledges to provide the fellowship with funding over the next five years with the hope that it continues indefinitely. This fellowship will be just one component of a larger vision for programming and resources the gallery will invest in supporting Black and Indigenous artists and other artists of color. 
Artists Represented:
Anila Quayyum Agha
Helen Altman
Nida Bangash
David Bates
Natasha Bowdoin
Julie Bozzi
Margarita Cabrera
Gabriel Dawe
Leonardo Drew
Vernon Fisher
Pia Fries
Francesca Fuchs
Ori Gersht
Estate of Joseph Glasco
Kana Harada
Joseph Havel
Butt Johnson
Ted Kincaid
Rima Canaan Lee
Melissa Miler
Arely Morales
Cynthia Mulcahy
Amy Myers
Robyn O'Neil
Aaron Parazette
Sam Reveles
Linda Ridgway
Susie Rosmarin
Matthew Sontheimer
Erick Swenson
Liz Ward
Xiaoze Xie


Leonardo Drew, Installation view, 2020, Talley Dunn Gallery
Gabriel Dawe, Found, Installation view, 2020, Talley Dunn Gallery
The viewing room
Arely Morales, Installation view, 2021, Talley Dunn Gallery
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Past Exhibition

Linda Ridgway

The Library

January 20, 2024 - March 23, 2024
Talley Dunn Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of deeply revered Texas artist Linda Ridgway. Spanning the entirety of the Main Gallery, "The Library" is a comprehensive, momentous exhibition that carefully represents Ridgway’s rich visual vocabulary which beautifully weaves throughout different media such as sculpture, printmaking, and her most recent mode of assemblage the artist refers to as “tabletops.” Ridgway works in a language of delicate materialism, offering poetic considerations of unassuming objects and fragments of the natural world that encourage viewers to see differently–into the heart and soul of objects and feelings. The artist’s tender gaze is singular and suffusive throughout her body of work from her intricate traces of graphite on paper to the thin curvatures of her bronze sculpture. Ridgway’s artwork encourages a kind of viewing that allows us to give ourselves over to feeling in all of its very fullness. This exhibition takes its title from the artist’s desire to pay tribute to how literature and words have importantly influenced her visual language. As increasing legislation banning books from school districts affects the education of today’s students, the artist recalls the library space as her first studio. Growing up in the countryside, Ridgway found that books were crucial places to travel to and learn from. In high school, she worked at her library where she was tasked with creating tabletop displays and bulletin boards. Ridgway’s first tabletop assemblage work "Herself," a central piece of her exhibition at the Nasher Sculpture Center in 2021, was inspired by a color illustrated copy of the artist’s favorite childhood book "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" that a friend had gifted to her. This work is included in the exhibition along with a new tabletop inspired by Virginia Woolf’s "To the Lighthouse." The artist describes these works as capturing remnants, mementos, and clues of life and its mysteries. Her work, however, is ultimately disinterested in the representational. The artist responds to the legacies of influential figures in minimalism such as Donald Judd and Agnes Martin. Ridgway is a part of a generation of post-minimalist artists like Eva Hesse who moved beyond rigid form to deeper explore the affective registers of their art. Ridgway’s artworks are visual poetry where revelations of beauty can be made alongside those of sorrow and longing.