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5020 Tracy Street
Dallas, TX 75205
Appointment Recommended
214 521 9898
Artists Represented:
Anila Quayyum Agha
Helen Altman
Nida Bangash
David Bates
Natasha Bowdoin
Julie Bozzi
Margarita Cabrera
Gabriel Dawe
Leonardo Drew
Vernon Fisher
Pia Fries
Francesca Fuchs
Ori Gersht
Estate of Joseph Glasco
Kana Harada
Joseph Havel
Butt Johnson
Ted Kincaid
Rima Canaan Lee
Melissa Miler
Arely Morales
Cynthia Mulcahy
Amy Myers
Robyn O'Neil
Aaron Parazette
Sam Reveles
Linda Ridgway
Susie Rosmarin
Matthew Sontheimer
Erick Swenson
Liz Ward
Xiaoze Xie


Leonardo Drew, Installation view, 2020, Talley Dunn Gallery
Gabriel Dawe, Found, Installation view, 2020, Talley Dunn Gallery
The viewing room
Arely Morales, Installation view, 2021, Talley Dunn Gallery
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Past Exhibition

Eva Lundsager

Seeing Changing

August 26, 2023 - October 7, 2023
For three decades Eva Lundsager has been making abstract paintings structured as an imagined, changing space; paintings that evoke expansiveness and a sense of watchful waiting. Imagery simultaneously specific and indeterminate suggests life forms moving through atmosphere, over a planet’s surface, and deep into solid ground. The paintings are built of varied processes of paint application; layers of pours, drips, glazes, and brushstrokes, and they use complex color, at times seductive, at other times alienating. Painted marks become animated forms, unknown but on the edge of recognition. Lundsager’s work suggests unfamiliar places seen mid-transition as events of indeterminate consequence unfold.