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19 East 66th Street
New York, NY 10065
212 202 3270
Rosenberg & Co., on the upper east side of Manhattan, continues Marianne Rosenberg's family’s distinguished tradition of exhibiting both Modern and contemporary art. The gallery presents an international roster of works by prominent Impressionist and Modern artists, and continues the legacy of working with contemporary artists. The gallery renews a focus on the highest standards of connoisseurship and expertise that have been cultivated over generations by the family. 
Marianne Rosenberg is a committee member of the Fondazione Giacomo Manzù, and represents the Comité Léger within the United States. 
Artists Represented:
Nguyen Cam
Ann Christopher
Aude Herlédan
The Estate of Fred Stein 
The Estate of Jeffrey Wasserman
The Estate of Maurice Brianchon and Marguerite Louppe

Current Exhibition

Françoise Gilot

April 3, 2024 - July 3, 2024
Rosenberg & Co. is pleased to present Françoise Gilot, the first posthumous exhibition of the artist’s work in New York.The exhibition brings together thirty-six works that span the artist’s diverse oeuvre—ranging from delicate yet impactful drawings in pencil to strong abstract compositions that resonate with intense colors. Françoise Gilot was a remarkable French artist whose extensive body-of-work bridged the twentieth-century avant-garde with burgeoning contemporary aesthetics. Born into a wealthy family outside of Paris, Gilot engaged with art from an early age. After completing a degree in English literature and briefly attending law school, Gilot began her formal artistic education in 1941, studying with Endre Rozsda and taking classes at the Académie Julian. Two years later during her first gallery exhibition, Gilot met Pablo Picasso, who she maintained a relationship with from 1946 until 1953. Around 1946, Gilot deserted oil painting in favor of graphite, and occasionally gouache, on paper. These early drawings are well represented in the exhibition ranging from portraits of family, and still lifes to abstract compositions. In 1950, she became the first woman to make lithographs at Fernand Mourlot’s acclaimed Atelier—Gilot continued printmaking with Mourlot for decades. After ending her relationship with Picasso, Gilot returned to painting and focused on rendering scenes of her daily life, friends, and family in muted tones. In 1969, Gilot was invited by June Wayne, founding director of the renowned Tamarind Lithography Workshop in California, to create lithographs. Within the following decade, Gilot established studios in California and New York, exhibited heavily throughout the United States, and began incorporating a renewed vibrancy into her work. In 1985, Gilot formed a longstanding partnership with Judith Solodkin, the first female master printer at Tamarind Workshop and director of SOLO Impression in New York. After over two decades of figurative work, Gilot began reincorporating abstraction in 1991, utilizing her lifelong fervor for color to invigorate lyrical compositions. Gilot remained a vital presence in the art world until her death at the age of 101 in 2023. Through a retrospective lens, the exhibition investigates the multitude of aesthetic explorations undertaken throughout Gilot’s expansive career with the aim of celebrating the work of this formidable artist, whose singular oeuvre stands distinguished.

Past Exhibitions

Léon Tutundjian

September 28, 2023 - December 22, 2023
Rosenberg & Co. is pleased to present Léon Tutundjian, the first American solo exhibition in nearly forty years of the artist’s remarkable work. Tutundjian was an Armenian artist who fled genocide and ultimately became a prominent member of the Parisian avant-garde. The exhibition brings together forty-eight works that span the artist’s diverse oeuvre—ranging from his earliest Cubist collages and Bauhaus-inspired watercolors to his Art Concret reliefs and paintings. Together with the Fondation Léon Tutundjian, we are pleased to present the cerebral and cosmic work of this pioneering artist. Léon Tutundjian was a consummate artist of the European inter-war period. Born in Amasya, in what was then the Ottoman Empire, Tutundjian arrived in Paris in the early 1920s. Like many artistic émigrés in the French capital, Tutundjian studied at the École des Beaux-Arts, participated in annual exhibitions, such as the Salon des Indépendants, and immersed himself in a social circle of fellow artists. Tutundjian’s early works are well represented in the exhibition, with abstract works on paper, biomorphic paintings, Cubist collages, and austere, monochrome relief sculptures, all of which carry a clear artistic sensibility. In the 1930s, he was notably a founding member of both Art Concret and, later, Abstraction-Création, with whom he exhibited his works of geometric and lyrical abstraction to much acclaim from his peers. Tutundjian resigned from Abstraction-Création by 1933, however, in order to explore a figurative, Surrealist style. While he explored this style wholeheartedly through the 1950s, he also retreated from the public sphere and exhibited these works infrequently. Included in the exhibition is a Surrealist canvas from 1950, which adeptly highlights Tutundjian’s exacting and enigmatic style of this period. Tutundjian returned to abstraction in the 1960s, revisiting his previous style with a renewed interest in the universe and scientific research. Together in this exhibition, Tutundjian’s paintings, works on paper, and reliefs are testaments to the artist’s prescient understanding of the 20th century avant-garde, as well as his deep and universal knowledge of the cosmic world in which he inhabited.

Perle Fine, Judith Goodwin, Addie Herder, Ida Kohlmeyer, Beatrice Mandelman, Libbie Mark, Charlotte Park, Anne Ryan, Judith Rothschild, Sonja Sekula, Miriam Schapiro, and Yvonne Thomas

Collage: Selections from Post-War Women

August 14, 2023 - September 14, 2023
Rosenberg & Co. is pleased to present Collage: Selections from Post-War Women, a group exhibition that brings together 30 works by 12 exemplary women artists from the latter half of the 20th century. Through the work of these seminal artists, the exhibition examines the nature of collage as a medium and asserts the technique's role in the disruptive dialogues that occurred in post-war art.

Serge Charchoune

Serge Charchoune: The Early Years

May 11, 2023 - July 11, 2023
Rosenberg & Co. is pleased to present Serge Charchoune: The Early Years, the first posthumous solo exhibition of the artist’s work in New York. The exhibition brings together thirty-six paintings from the artist’s foundational period—ranging from classically Cubist compositions with Dada influences to richly Purist canvases that were celebrated by Le Corbusier himself. Assembled together for the first time and organized chronologically in a museum-style exhibition, the collection of works provides a compelling case for Charchoune’s undeniable place in the history of Modern art.

A Century on Paper

January 10, 2023 - February 11, 2023
Featuring 48 artworks, A Century on Paper brings together a diverse range of artists, linked by their common interest in working on paper. Figurative sketches, such as Marino Marini’s Petite Pomone (1943) or Henry Moore’s Seated Nude (1929), are testaments to paper’s role in the artistic process, while fully realized works, such as Fernand Léger’s Fêtes de la faim (1948) or Oleg Kudryashov’s Construction (Plate 552) (1983), demonstrate the breadth of paper as an artistic medium.

Aude Herlédan

Aude Herlédan: Dialogue Between Worlds

October 15, 2022 - December 17, 2022
Rosenberg & Co. is pleased to present Aude Herlédan: Dialogue Between Worlds, the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York. Herlédan works seamlessly between sculpture and painting, expertly balancing a contemporary sensibility with forms reminiscent of the pioneering styles of the early twentieth century. Bringing together drawings, sculptures, and works on canvas, this exhibition celebrates Herlédan’s depth of creativity and the exceptional quality of her recent oeuvre.

Marguerite Louppe

Marguerite Louppe: Diagramming Space

April 19, 2022 - July 1, 2022
Rosenberg & Co. is pleased to present Marguerite Louppe: Diagramming Space, the artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States. This exhibition brings together over 40 paintings and works on paper by the artist that draw upon Cubism and Purism to delineate space and color fields while evoking an indelible familiarity.