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Houston, TX 77098
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Since 1980, Robert and Cynthia Cage McClain have focused on the exhibition and the acquisition of museum quality modern and contemporary American and European art. McClain Gallery’s program represents important twentieth-century figures while continuing to commit to younger generations of artists, which includes primary representation of many Texas-based artists. Our exhibition program is augmented by survey and group shows that investigate current themes in contemporary art within historic contexts. In addition to promoting the work of our stable of artists, our strength is guiding and educating both the new, as well as the seasoned, collector. We actively advise and help private individuals and institutions in the acquisition and sale of artworks to organizing a comprehensive program of collecting. With over three decades of proven expertise, McClain Gallery has a strong reputation as secondary market specialists who offer, research, and source artworks of exceptionally high quality with discretion. We regularly attend art fairs, bid at auctions and draw on our existing strong relationships with dealers, museum professionals, and collectors around the globe to provide our clients with thorough, insightful, and market savvy advice.
Artists Represented:
John Alexander
Donald Baechler
Karin Broker
The Bruce High Quality Foundation
Brendan Cass
Seth Cameron
Gisela Colon
Stephen Dean
Anne Deleporte
Kent Dorn
Christian Eckart
Sharon Engelstein
Cleve Gray
Donna Green
Katsumi Hawakaya
Mara Held
Dorothy Hood
Jeff Shore | Jon Fisher
Bo Joseph
Julia Kunin
Gary Lang
Rosa Loy
Angelina Nasso
Henrique Oliveira
Aaron Parazette
Rob Reasoner
Elaine Reichek
David Row
Jonathan Seliger
Ray Smith
Peter Sullivan
Shane Tolbert
Kelli Vance
Bernar Venet


Installation image of "Bo Joseph: Feeding the Beast" 2020
Installation image of "Dorothy Hood: Illuminated Earth" 2019
Installation Image of "Katsumi Hayakawa: Particles of Light" 2019
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Past Exhibitions

Ping Zheng

Ping Zheng: The Voice of Water

October 30, 2021 - January 8, 2022
McClain Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new oil-stick-on-paper paintings by Ping Zheng (b. 1989 in Zhejiang, China). Zheng’s imagery is rooted in nature but operates in a richly symbolic realm where the vibrational energy of the natural world merges with biomorphic abstraction. In depicting landscapes both real and imagined, Zheng embodies a space where she has long found freedom and solace. The Voice of Water is the artist’s second solo exhibition, following our inaugural presentation of her work online in 2020.

Shane Tolbert

Shane Tolbert: Blood Harmony

September 11, 2021 - January 8, 2022
McClain Gallery is pleased to announce Shane Tolbert: Blood Harmony. In his second solo exhibition at the gallery, Tolbert navigates a vibrant intersection of modernist aesthetics, experimental paint handling, and a palette that relates to the high desert landscape of New Mexico, his home since 2017. For these new paintings and collages, Tolbert draws inspiration from his interactions and relationships with Santa Fe and the neighboring mountain towns, creating visual passages by way of movement and marks on the canvas.

Edith Baumann, Anne Deleporte, Alteronce Gumby, Hong Hong, Terran Last Gun, Elaine Reichek

Cloud Cover

September 11, 2021 - January 8, 2022
McClain Gallery presents Cloud Cover, a group exhibition focused on contemporary abstraction and materiality, featuring Edith Baumann, Anne Deleporte, Alteronce Gumby, Hong Hong, Terran Last Gun, and Elaine Reichek.

Brie Ruais and Christopher Le Brun

Brie Ruais & Christopher Le Brun

June 3, 2021 - August 21, 2021
McClain Gallery is thrilled to present a two-person exhibition with British painter Christopher Le Brun and American sculptor Brie Ruais. Both artists find commonality in a conceptual approach to materiality that emerges from their direct, physical handling of their mediums. With a foundational basis in gesture, color, surface, and above all, texture, they embrace the inherent qualities of their respective materials while finding new and unexpected ways to transcend genres.

Donald Baechler

Donald Baechler: Remedy of Anything

May 15, 2021 - August 21, 2021
McClain Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by Donald Baechler entitled Remedy of Anything. This is Baechler’s fourth solo show at McClain Gallery and combines small paintings with graphite drawings.

Mara Held

Mara Held: Gates of Cilicia

February 6, 2021 - May 15, 2021
McClain Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition of new works by Mara Held (b. 1954, New York). Gates of Cilicia presents gouache and egg tempera works on paper from the artist’s latest series, ‘Straight Lines.’ Also on view are several recent paintings on linen that evidence the elegant tension of a practice that pulls inspiration from the convergence of ancient thought to modern physics. This is Held’s third solo exhibition at McClain Gallery.

Bo Joseph

Bo Joseph: Feeding the Beast

September 29, 2020 - January 16, 2021
McClain Gallery is pleased to present Feeding the Beast, a solo exhibition by artist Bo Joseph (b. 1969, California), featuring two parallel bodies of work: works on paper, which pull their imagery from battle scenes, with a wide range of sources, from the mythological to the Biblical, and a series of wall reliefs depicting composites of religious and ritual objects that span the globe and cultural divergences. This is Joseph’s third solo exhibition at McClain Gallery.

Dorothy Hood

Dorothy Hood: Collage

June 24, 2020 - August 29, 2020
McClain Gallery is pleased to present a focused look at collages by Dorothy Hood (b. 1918, Bryan, Texas d. 2000, Houston, Texas). The pictorial space and visual fissures of her large-scale paintings and works on paper recall a profound mindscape that echoes her early Surrealist connections from her time spent in Mexico in the 1940s-1960s. Having moved back to Houston in 1962, the impact of the space age and the fathoms of the cosmos influenced Hood’s paintings further. She would start making collages in 1982, and while lesser-known, these works are rich in material experimentation and reveal a more intimate look at the artist’s process and inspirations. By focusing on an edited group of collages, this exhibition provides a closer look at Hood’s unique artistic vision and expands the understanding of her practice as a whole.

Elaine Reichek

Elaine Reichek: Between the Needle and the Book

January 18, 2020 - March 7, 2020
McClain Gallery is pleased to present artist Elaine Reichek’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, Between the Needle and the Book. Occupying both of the gallery’s spaces, this two-part show introduces Reichek’s five-decade career like a pair of bookends, juxtaposing her most recent text-based embroideries with sewn paintings and fabric works from the 1970s. For Reichek, embroidering words onto fabric rejoins text to its etymological sibling, textile. In the early 1990s, Reichek began researching the history of the embroidered sampler and sewing new versions of traditional patterns. In her revisionist samplers, she strategically replaces the usual scriptural verse or wise maxim — which young girls learned to sew as part of their education — with alternative literary or historical quotes from a distinctly feminist perspective, whether critical or humorous. Over time, as Reichek appropriated from a wider variety of both textual and art historical sources, her embroideries have expanded beyond the formal bounds of the sampler, even as they continue to employ thread and fabric as fundamental materials.