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515 West 26th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
212 397 0669
Founded in 1981, Mary Ryan Gallery specializes in modern and post-war/contemporary prints and works on paper. We are a member of the Art Dealer’s Association of America (ADAA) and a founding member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA).

The gallery has continuously been open to the public since its founding and is currently located in Chelsea on 26th Street overlooking the High Line. We have organized over 200 solo and group exhibitions, and have published numerous catalogs that have generated, and continue to further important artistic legacies. In between exhibitions, there is a rotating selection of works by 20th century and contemporary artists on view. These primarily consist of works on paper and include a selection of paintings, sculpture editions, and photography as well.

Mary Ryan Gallery is known for its expertise and original scholarship in prints and works on paper. We pride ourselves on being a place of discovery, as we are constantly striving to expand our knowledge and support of new artists and fields. Our long-standing commitment to prints and works on paper has translated to established relationships with museums and curators throughout the United States and abroad, as well as extensive experience guiding collectors as they build their collections over decades.

The gallery began with a focus on modern prints and introduced some of the first exhibitions of British Linocuts, Provincetown Woodcuts, and Atelier 17 in the United States. We became the exclusive representative of several modern masters and estates including Sybil Andrews, Hugo Gellert, Louis Lozowick, Ethel Mars, and Lill Tschudi, promoting their work and generating collector awareness and major museum exhibitions. The gallery continues to represent contemporary artists and estates.

By the late 1980s, the gallery expanded its focus to include important post-war and contemporary prints and photography such as Josef Albers, Emma Amos, Louise Bourgeois, Richard Diebenkorn, David Hockney, Alex Katz, Ellsworth Kelly, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Longo, Joan Mitchell, Jean Pagliuso, Kiki Smith and Donald Sultan, and has become a leader in promoting the American renaissance of printmaking. We work with leading artists and publishers and have collaborated with numerous artists to publish original prints. Since its inception, the gallery has championed the work of women artists from the early 20th century to today.

Please note that recent acquisitions are updated on our website regularly, although our complete inventory is not available online. We welcome your visits to the gallery and your inquiries regarding the availability of a specific work or artist. Please contact us at if you are interested in selling works by an artist we represent.
Artists Represented:
James E. Allen
Emma Amos
Sybil Andrews
Vivian Browne
Jean De Brunhoff
Laurent De Brunhoff
Christopher Cook
Hugo Gellert
Herbert Gentry
Ada Gilmore
Mabel Hewit
Yvonne Jacquette
Deborah Kass
Louis Lozowick
Ethel Mars
Michael Mazur
George Miyasaki
Jean Pagliuso
Andrew Raftery
David Schorr
Peter Sís
Kiki Smith
May Stevens
Donald Sultan
Lill Tschudi
John Wilson

Works Available By:
Josef Albers
James Allen
Emma Amos
Sybil Andrews
Louise Bourgeois
Vivian Browne
Jean de Brunhoff
Laurent de Brunhoff
Paul Cadmus
Alexander Calder
Christopher Cook
Richard Diebenkorn
Helen Frankenthaler
Hugo Gellert
Herbert Gentry
Ada Gilmore
Philip Guston
Stanley William Hayter
David Hockney
Jasper Johns
Alex Katz
Ellsworth Kelly
Willem De Kooning
Roy Lichtenstein
Robert Longo
Brice Marden
Mildred McMillen
Joan Mitchell
Robert Motherwell
Fairfield Porter
Robert Rauschenberg
Ed Ruscha
Richard Serra
Maud Hunt Squire
Wayne Thiebaud
James Turrell


A selection of works installed at Mary Ryan Gallery, 2023
A selection of works installed at Mary Ryan Gallery, 2021
Michael Mazur installed at Mary Ryan Gallery
Mary Ryan Gallery at ADAA The Art Show, Park Avenue Armory, 2023
Emma Amos and Camille Billops installed at Mary Ryan Gallery, 2022
James Turrell installed at Mary Ryan Gallery, 2019
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Past Exhibitions

Maira Kalman

Women Holding Things

October 6, 2022 - November 12, 2022
Mary Ryan Gallery is pleased to present Women Holding Things, a collection of over 30 new paintings by Maira Kalman. Created during the pandemic, it is a love song to the women in our world. This will be Kalman’s debut exhibition at Mary Ryan Gallery. “What do women hold?” Kalman asks. “The home and the family. And the children and the food. The friendships. The work. The work of the world. And the work of being human. The memories. And the troubles. And the sorrows and the triumphs. And the love.” Women Holding Things began in the spring of 2021 as Kalman and her son, Alex Kalman, created a limited-edition booklet by the same name which served as the conceptual basis of the publication and exhibition opening this fall. The booklet, which began as a fundraiser in support of charities combatting hunger, expanded to a full book published by HarperCollins with eighty-six paintings illustrating Kalman’s meditations on womanhood. The exhibition on view at Mary Ryan Gallery will include over thirty of the paintings originally published in the book. Each work on view is characterized by Kalman’s trademark style and use of dense gouache to create richly colored paintings on paper. Training her sensitive eye on the inimitable women in her life, Kalman captures with quiet power the essence of women that have captured her imagination via the objects that fit between their hands—from books to cabbages—and the wealth of meaning ascribed to these objects. In a tour de force of visual storytelling, she gently reveals the universality of the things her subjects hold dear—the things that burden, haunt, and nourish them. The objects held are tools—and occasionally, evidence—of a life lived, and as such, the inanimate objects captured in Kalman’s paintings are each pinned by the hope, joy and sadness of those that carry them. The figures holding things in Kalman’s paintings include a wide range of women. Some, like Gertrude Stein, Edith Sitwell, Ayana V. Jackson, or Kiki Smith, are well known. Others, such as Kalman’s daughter, granddaughters, or cousin Iris, are fixtures of Kalman’s intimate life. Also included in Women Holding Things are select portraits of men, including Rilke and Chekov and Kalman’s father. Finally, there are portraits of objects holding things. All of Kalman’s subjects hold a rich interiority.

Sybil Andrews, Jean & Laurent de Brunhoff, Fred Becker, Mary Cassat, Hugo Gellert, Blanche Lazzell, Martin Lewis, Louis Lozowick, Cyril Power, Charlotte Salomon, Ethel Spowers, Lill Tschudi, Emma Amos, David Hockney, Yvonne Jacquette, Deborah Kass, Alex Katz, Robert Longo, Michael Mazur, Craig McPherson, Julie Mehretu, Joan Mitchell, George Miyasaki, Robert Motherwell, Andrew Raftery, Ed Ruscha, David Schorr, Kiki Smith, May Stevens, Donald Sultan, Cy Twombly, and Kara Walker

40th Anniversary Exhibition

November 4, 2021 - December 24, 2021
This November, we are showing highlights of our forty-year history at the ADAA’s The Art Show and at the gallery. These scant forty works (including sets and standalone works) on view cannot begin to cover the myriad of people, interests, and artworks that have marked forty years of activity, discovery, and growth.

James Turrell

Roden Crater and First Light Aquatints, 1984-1990

July 9, 2019 - August 23, 2019

Jean Pagliuso

In Plain Sight

May 16, 2018 - June 16, 2018

Portrait Prints

April 5, 2018 - May 12, 2018

Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly Prints: Colored Paper Pieces, Lithographs and Screenprints

January 6, 2018 - February 10, 2018