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2 East 75th Street, 1A
New York, NY 10021
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Leon Tovar is a New York-based gallery that promotes and showcases the finest examples of Latin American Modernism. In 1990, Mr. Tovar opened his first location in Bogotá, Colombia, with a presentation of work by Sol LeWitt and Bernar Venet, followed by exhibitions on Josef Albers, Carlos Rojas, Luis Camnitzer, Dennis Oppenheim, and Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar. In 2002, Mr. Tovar moved his operation to New York City’s Upper East Side, where he was among the first galleries to exhibit the geometric, kinetic, optical, and constructivist tendencies practiced by Latin America’s vanguard artists. His expertise in the field was informed by his personal relationships with many artists, among them Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Rojas, Edgar Negret, and Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, as he endeavored to increase the visibility of art from Latin America and its place within a global discussion of modernism.

After twenty-five years of programming, Mr. Tovar opened his second location in New York’s NoMAD neighborhood in 2015, which hosted numerous group and solo exhibitions, featuring the artists Edgar Negret, Jesús Rafael Soto, Fanny Sanín, Carmelo Arden Quin, and Agustín Fernández. In addition to maintaining regular exhibition programming including tours and panels, the Gallery is a consistent presence in major international art fairs in the U.S., South America, and Europe. The Gallery’s endeavors at these and other events have been covered in El Pais, The New York Times, Hyperallergic, Ocula, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Forbes, The Art Newspaper, and Modern Magazine. In the spring of 2019, Leon Tovar Gallery moved its second location to the Upper East Side at 2 East 75th Street.
Concurrent with his role as Gallery Director, Mr. Tovar has provided consultation to museums, auction houses, collectors, curators, appraisers, and artists, and has served on selections committees for the ARTBO and ARCO Madrid art fairs. His published articles appear in such publications as Summus and Revista Credencial, and he was a featured panelist in Latin American Art Now (2017), Art, Nationality, and Global Modernism (2018), and Where is Latin American Art? Center Stage (2019), all of which were hosted by TEFAF New York.

Artists Represented:
The Estate of Carmelo Arden Quin
The Estate of Marcelo Bonevardi
The Estate of Martín Blaszko
The Estate of Agustín Fernández

Works Available By:
Carmelo Arden Quin
Marcelo Bonevardi
Martín Blaszko 
Tarsila do Amaral
Agustín Fernández 
Edgar Negret
Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar 
Fanny Sanín
Feliza Bursztyn
Sergio Camargo
Santiago Cárdenas
Carlos Cruz- Diez
Marisol Escobar
Manuel Espinosa 
Gonzalo Fonseca
Mathias Goeritz
Gyula Kosice
Wifredo Lam
Roberto Matta
Julio Le Parc
Cesar Paternosto
Omar Rayo
Jesús Rafael Soto
Alejandro Otero
Alejandro Puente
Carlos Rojas
Mira Schendel
Francisco Salazar
Luis Tomasello
Victor Vasarely


Leon Tovar Gallery
Leon Tovar Gallery
Leon Tovar Gallery
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Online Programming

Tarsila do Amaral, Marcelo Bonevardi, Agustín Fernández, Fanny Sanín, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar

Narrative Delineations

Leon Tovar Gallery is delighted to announce the launch of its latest online exhibition “Narrative delineations”, available to view on the Gallery’s website from February 2, 2021. Composed exclusively of works on paper, the exhibition brings together a range of artists for whom drawing and paper-based production is an essential part of their respective practices.

Jose Bento, Arturo Berned, Waltercio Caldas, Amilcar de Castro, Edgar Negret, Ernesto Neto, Alejandro Otero, Jesús Rafael Soto, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar

The Void

In bringing together a selection of artists who conceive of space as a mutable, plastic material, the exhibition creates an international and intergenerational dialogue that features artists working in diverse realms, from Kinetic art to Neo-Concretism.

Past Exhibitions

Martin Blaszko, Marcelo Bonevardi, Feliza Bursztyn, Sergio Camargo, Agustín Fernández, Gego, Mathias Goeritz, Roberto Matta, Edgar Negret, Alejandro Otero, Mercedes Pardo, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Francisco Salazar, Fanny Sanín, Joel Shapiro, Jesús Rafael Soto, Rufino Tamayo, Victor Vasarely

On View

October 19, 2020 - December 31, 2020
Leon Tovar is delighted to announce the Gallery’s latest exhibition, On View at 75th Street. Opening up the possibility for international and inter- generation dialogue, the show brings together work from artists working across mediums and aesthetic objectives. From geometric abstraction and Kinetic art, to Constructivism and Surrealism, On View cultivates an engaging viewing experience that features seminal figures within the field of Latin American art and beyond.

Martin Blaszko, Marcelo Bonevardi, Edgar Negret, Alejandro Otero, Omar Rayo, Francisco Salazar, Fanny Sanín, Victor Vasarely, and Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar ​


February 29, 2020 - August 31, 2020
Leon Tovar is pleased to announce Sightlines, currently on view at the Gallery’s East 75th Street location. Featuring a range of artists spanning several countries—from Venezuela to Argentina, Colombia, and Hungary— this exhibition is a careful consideration of the use of line and shape to cultivate readings of space that are beguiling, ambiguous, and ultimately enchanting.

Marcelo Bonevardi

When the Cedar Bar Met the School of the South: Reconsidering Bonevardi

September 12, 2019 - December 20, 2019
Leon Tovar Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of "When the Cedar Bar Met the School of the South: Reconsidering Bonevardi," the Gallery’s first solo presentation of Marcelo Bonevardi’s enigmatic paintings, drawings, and sculptures. The title of the exhibition, "When the Cedar Bar Met the School of the South: Reconsidering Bonevardi," reflects the trajectory of Bonevardi’s early years in New York, while also reiterating the profound syncretism of his artwork. Through the connections they foster between New York City assemblage and the legacy of Torres-García’s Constructivism, Bonevardi’s own constructions become powerful arguments for rethinking the respective histories of North and South American Modernism.

Carlos Cruz Diez, Jesús Rafael Soto, Feliza Bursztyn, Gego, Carmelo Arden Quin


May 4, 2019 - August 31, 2019
Leon Tovar Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of its brand new exhibition space at 2 East 75th Street in New York’s Upper East Side. Only a few minutes from the Gallery’s flagship 71 Street location, this recently opened space breaks with the traditional “white cube” in order to provide an intimate and engaging viewing experience. With regular exhibition programming at both locations, the Gallery continues its mission to promote the visibility of artists from Latin America and their integral position within the history of modern art. Inaugurating 2 East 75th street is the exhibition Outlines, featuring a selection of Latin American Modernism ranging from the optical to the kinetic and beyond.