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19 East 66th St
New York, NY 10065
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Franklin Parrasch Gallery began in 1986 with a program guided by a conscious reflection upon the process of creativity as it relates to human evolution.

Over the past three decades, the gallery has established a profile of exhibiting Los Angeles artists whose careers emerged in the 1960s and whose aesthetic alignment with Minimalism developed independently from that of their East Coast contemporaries. Through numerous group exhibitions, the gallery has explored artistic philosophies specific to West Coast subcultures, including hot-rodding and surfing, and how these sensibilities informed the works of Los Angeles artists of this time period.

The gallery consistently organizes shows that consider diverse evolutionary theories, with a focused sensitivity to the migration of ideas and aesthetic development as expressed by a wide range of artists who employ innovative practices.

Past Exhibitions

Edith Baumann

Stillness in Motion

April 27, 2023 - June 30, 2023
Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to announce Stillness in Motion, the gallery’s second solo show of new paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Edith Baumann. In Edith Baumann’s works, finely-applied lines hover and span, veil-like, across layered rectilinear fields. Inspired by her decades-long meditation practice, the artist mines the sense of focus, balance, and concentration she achieves in a meditative state as she continues to explore the relationship between color and geometry and the tension between stasis and dynamism.

Ali Dipp

Ali Dipp: American Craft

February 23, 2023 - April 14, 2023
Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition of work by Ali Dipp (b. 1997, El Paso, TX), American Craft. Born on the binational precipice between the United States and Mexico, Ali Dipp is interested in the evolution of America’s self-representation. Her hometown of El Paso, the former jean capital of the world before NAFTA, sets the backdrop to thematic currents she probes by creating paintings on denim with thread.

Charles Ross

Charles Ross: Pole Star

November 3, 2022 - December 16, 2022
Franklin Parrasch is pleased to present Pole Star, an exhibition of recent paintings by renowned earthwork and light artist Charles Ross. The works in this show are the first of their kind: their imagery captures celestial geometries inspired by Star Axis, Ross’ monumental earth/sky work and naked eye observatory, conceived of in 1971 and nearing completion in New Mexico. Pole Star marks Ross’ third solo exhibition at the gallery. The Pole Star paintings are contemplations on our internal connection with the celestial pole. In these works, the unknowable bounds of the cosmos are punctuated only by constellations and traces of the stars as the earth turns on its axis.

Tala Worrell

September 22, 2022 - October 28, 2022
Franklin Parrasch is pleased to present the gallery’s first exhibition of recent paintings by Lebanese American artist Tala Worrell. Born in New York City in 1991 and raised in Abu Dhabi, Worrell’s cultural exposure has been steeped in diverse sets of values and the necessity of acceptance and openness to conflicting ways of understanding. Through this lens, Worrell’s approach to abstraction is distilled in the belief that every aesthetic decision involves the resolution of ethical dilemmas.

Joan Snyder

To Become A Painting

May 12, 2022 - July 15, 2022
Franklin Parrasch Gallery presents Joan Snyder, To Become a Painting, an exhibition comprising six large scale paintings created by the artist in her Woodstock, NY studio during the Covid-19 pandemic. The paintings reflect the artist’s engagement with the land, referencing the generative and vital state of earth and water and acknowledging impulses that access nature as a guide for connecting with the most fundamental human emotions.

Jackie Ferrara

March 24, 2022 - May 6, 2022
Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to present its first solo exhibition of works by New York based artist Jackie Ferrara (B. 1929, Detroit, MI). Included in this exhibition are four of the artist’s iconic wood sculptures spanning from 1978-2008, and a more recent series of encoded, color pencil diptych drawings on uniquely-formulated paper that the artist determined collaboratively with a Federal currency paper maker.

Rafael Delacruz and Ken Price

Echo's in Talavera

February 3, 2022 - March 11, 2022
Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to present Echo’s in Talavera, an exhibition of new work by Rafael Delacruz (b. 1989, San Francisco, CA) in conversation with ceramic sculpture and works on paper by Ken Price (1935-2012). Rafael Delacruz considers a post-digital world by way of traditional means as he weaves surreal narratives in his canvases. Delacruz’s works, which typically employ painterly brushstrokes in tandem with flattened, screen-printed imagery, emulate a distorted and surreal, pixelated world of nomadic existence. Often rendered head-on, Delacruz mines a steady vernacular of near-universal, clip art-like icons; most common are day-to-day staples (e.g. apples, coffee mugs, baseball caps, sinks, and beds) and vehicular references (e.g. buses, cars, tires, shopping carts, and flying contraptions). Rather than imagined or implied space, these images appear to dictate both narrative hierarchy and visual outcomes. Within each piece, Delacruz rejects stylistic monotony in deference to dynamism and effect, and obscures and reveals information and events in vital syncopation. In many works, painted fields of color nestle into one another like fieldstones, establishing physical and emotional atmospheres and providing compositional - and, occasionally, literal - screens for the scenes unfolding within.

Sylvia Snowden

Sylvia Snowden: The M Street Series

November 18, 2021 - December 17, 2021
Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to announce the gallery’s first show with Washington, D.C.- based artist Sylvia Snowden (b. 1942, Raleigh, North Carolina). This exhibition, entitled Sylvia Snowden: The M Street Series, is an overview of this iconic body of work which spans from the mid-1970s through the late 1980s.

Edith Baumann

October 4, 2021 - November 6, 2021
Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition of work by Los Angeles-based artist Edith Baumann (b. 1948). Baumann’s most recent paintings emerge from an ongoing series centered on geometric abstraction and veiled fields. This show includes seven recent works on canvas of varying scale that are deeply connected to Baumann’s love for jazz and her daily meditation practice, and which exemplify her technically-driven process.

Anne Appleby, Vija Celmins, On Kawara, Daniel Turner

Moments Between Events

July 14, 2021 - August 20, 2021
In a 1977 interview with writer Tony Hiss, MoMA’s then-curator of photography John Sworkowski used the phrase “moments between events” to describe the sensibility of time and space in the work of photographer Stephen Shore1, adding that these points are “not boring, not empty – but suspended.” The frailty and fragility of life, memory, and matter, and how those things never completely leave but are continuously in a state of transformation, is a thought concertedly addressed by each of these artists. The works in this show engage a transition where materials and concepts crystallize, and where the sensation of separate events are bridged.

Mildred Howard

A Sonata in Four Parts

May 10, 2021 - June 18, 2021
Mildred Howard's works consistently, persistently, and poetically address themes such as domesticity, transparency, containment, and loss. Mildred Howard (b. 1945, San Francisco, CA) lives and works in Oakland, CA. Her works are held in the permanent collections of such institutions as the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (CA), the De Young Museum (San Francisco, CA), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (CA), Wadsworth Atheneum (Hartford, CT) and the Davis Museum at Wellesley College (Wellesley, MA), among others.

Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander: Early Sculpture 1965 - 1972

March 15, 2021 - April 23, 2021
Image Caption: Installation View: Peter Alexander: Early Sculpture 1965 - 1972

Charles Ross

February 28, 2020 - April 11, 2020
Image Caption: Charles Ross "Solar Pyramid VII" 1982 exploded pigment on paper 37.25 x 49 inches Copyright Charles Ross, Courtesy Franklin Parrasch Gallery

Anne Appleby

hymn: first light, last light

October 24, 2019 - December 21, 2019

Mulberry and Canal

April 18, 2019 - June 8, 2019

Wanda Koop


November 2, 2018 - December 21, 2018

Peter Alexander

Recent Works

September 20, 2018 - October 27, 2018

Condo New York: presentations by Gypsum and MISAKO & ROSEN

June 29, 2018 - July 27, 2018

Dennis Hopper


April 27, 2018 - June 2, 2018