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5130 West Edgewood Place
Los Angeles, CA 90019
323 935 3030

Also at:
520 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
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212 390 0079
David Kordansky Gallery is one of the most dynamic venues for contemporary art, and is internationally regarded as a leading gallery of its generation.

Established in 2003 as part of a burgeoning artistic community in Los Angeles’s Chinatown neighborhood, the gallery began as a cutting-edge incubator for emerging talent. It quickly grew into a widely respected voice in the international conversation surrounding new and recent art, and moved to its second home, in Culver City, in 2008.

David Kordansky Gallery currently operates a 20,000-square-foot facility in Mid-City Los Angeles and a 5,000-square-foot space in New York. Our Los Angeles campus encompasses three exhibition spaces across two buildings with a landscaped courtyard between them, allowing for three separate shows to be mounted simultaneously and for diversity in programming, including performance, film, and outdoor sculpture. Our gallery space in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York welcomes visitors with an engaging experience while foregrounding the artwork on view.

The gallery’s artists have been the subjects of solo exhibitions in acclaimed museums worldwide and regularly appear in landmark biennials and thematic group shows. They work in all media and styles, defined as a group by their heterogeneity and individuality rather than their allegiance to any single aesthetic position. The exhibition program is dedicated to presenting artists’ work with passion and intellectual rigor, and to bringing the utmost care and precision to the showcasing of their visions.

As the program has evolved, the gallery has broadened its scope, collaborating with artists at all stages of their careers so that various historical lineages can enter into dialogue with one another. What has not changed, however, is the desire to foster greater understanding of Los Angeles’ development as an important city for art since World War II. David Kordansky Gallery sees itself as an institution firmly rooted in its hometown and in California, even as it embraces cultural activity in the 21st century as a fully global phenomenon. As such, it also treats its participation in the major international art fairs as serious exhibition opportunities, often planning solo presentations and other special programming.

The gallery has long valued the role that publications play in the diffusion of ideas and as snapshots of moments in time. With each year it expands its efforts in this area, publishing an ever-growing range of exhibition catalogues and limited edition artist’s books.
Artists Represented:
David Altmejd
Markus Amm
Kathryn Andrews
John Armleder
Mario Ayala
Huma Bhabha 
Will Boone
Matthew Brannon
Lucy Bull
Andrea Büttner
Valentin Carron
Aaron Curry
Fred Eversley
Derek Fordjour
Jason Fox
Sam Gilliam
Jenna Gribbon
Guan Xiao
Raul Guerrero
Jennifer Guidi
Chase Hall
Lauren Halsey
Evan Holloway 
Larry Johnson
Rashid Johnson
William E. Jones
Deana Lawson
Tala Madani
Chris Martin
Joel Mesler
Ivan Morley 
Shahryar Nashat 
Ruby Neri
Odili Donald Odita
Anthony Pearson
Hilary Pecis
Adam Pendleton
Mai-Thu Perret
Tobias Pils
Torbjørn Rødland
Ricky Swallow
Tom of Finland
Richard Tuttle
Lesley Vance
Mary Weatherford
Michael Williams
Jonas Wood
Betty Woodman 


David Kordansky Gallery exterior, Photography: Jeff McLane
Evan Holloway, Outdoor Sculpture,2019, David Kordansky Gallery, Installation view, Photography: Jeff McLane
Fred Eversley, Chromospheres, 2019, David Kordansky Gallery, Installation view, Photography: Jeff McLane
Rashid Johnson, The Rainbow Sign, 2018, David Kordansky Gallery, Installation view, Photography: Fredrik Nilsen Studio
Mary Weatherford, like the land loves the sea, 2017, David Kordansky Gallery, Installation view, Photography: Fredrik Nilsen Studio
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