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PO Box 20483
New York, NY 10021
By Appointment
917 301 8254
The gallery is interested in the diverse strains of American sculpture - academic, beaux-arts, modernist, and abstract - that enlivened the century between 1850 and 1950. In addition there is a particular focus on early 20th century decorative ironwork by Hunt Diederich and Samuel Yellin and we are also active with mid 20th century sculpture and painting by African-American artists such as Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, and Beauford Delaney.
Artists Represented:
Jo Davidson
Arnold Rönnebeck
Works Available By:
Henry Bannarn
Richmond Barthé
Paul Bartlett
Romare Bearden
Henry Kirke Brown
Elizabeth Catlett
Beauford Delaney
William Hunt Diederich
Abastenia Eberle
John B. Flannagan
Harriet Whitney Frishmuth
Sidney Gordin
Malvina Hoffman
Carl Paul Jennewein
Gaston Lachaise
Ibram Lassaw
Frederick MacMonnies
Hermon Atkins MacNeil
Paul Manship
Edward McCartan
Atillio Piccirilli
Hiram Powers
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
John Storrs
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
Samuel Yellin
William Zorach


Conner – Rosenkranz
Conner – Rosenkranz
Conner – Rosenkranz
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