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60 Walker Street
New York, NY 100013
646 850 7486
Founded in 2013 by Nicole Russo, Chapter NY is committed to supporting artists at various phases in their careers, by providing first solo shows and offering a platform for specific investigations within more established practices. By focusing on solo-presentations and working closely with each artist, Chapter NY helps realize tightly envisioned exhibitions that foster artistic exploration and growth.

Past Exhibitions

Cole Lu

The Temple of Sleep

March 25, 2022 - April 30, 2022
Chapter NY is excited to announce The Temple of Sleep, Cole Lu’s first exhibition with the gallery. Combining literary and historical reference with autobiographical experiences, Lu’s practice builds new mythologies that carry echoes of trauma, transformation and regeneration. Lu questions the theistic concept of creatio ex nihilo (creation out of nothingness), proposing a more complicated interspersal of time and human existence. Presented as a compilation of gestures or a collection of brief anecdotes, Lu’s work unfolds serially, following invented characters through a parallel world of his creation. Each exhibition or body of work reveals another element, broadening his narrative to incorporate new sites and characters. He (re)invents, (re)names, and (re)writes his subjects, composing each work with an elaborate fragmented title – a literary device that further subverts conventional linear narratives and amplifies his poetic vision.

Dominique Knowles

The Solemn and Dignified Burial Befitting My Beloved for All Seasons

March 25, 2022 - April 30, 2022
Chapter NY is excited to present The Solemn and Dignified Burial Befitting My Beloved for All Seasons, Dominique Knowles’ first solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will feature a suite of related and equally scaled paintings throughout the exhibition space. Knowles’ paintings conjure the emotion, shared glances, mutual care, and loss experienced during a lifetime of caring for an animal companion. The immediacy of the paint presents the often rapid transition of death despite a lifetime of labored prevention. Warm ochre tones, pigments that embody the melding of being with soil, harken to memory eternal — like the first visions of animals painted across caves.