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21 Throckmorton Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941
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Anthony Meier Fine Arts was established in 1984 as a private dealer in the secondary market. Working with both public and private collections, Anthony Meier built a highly regarded international reputation specializing in post-World War II contemporary masters.  In 1996 Anthony Meier Fine Arts opened a public gallery space in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. In 2023 the gallery will open a new location in Mill Valley, California in a historic building downtown.

As a public forum, Anthony Meier mounts five or more exhibitions per year dedicated to emerging, mid-career and established artists. The work shown in the gallery is consistent with the quality and visual aesthetic on which the business was founded.

Anthony Meier is active both locally and globally, with membership in the Art Dealers Association of America and the San Francisco Art Dealers Association. Past and present participation in the major art fairs of the world has helped to merge our primary and secondary programs and present the gallery program as a cohesive progression, from post-war masterworks to contemporary artists working today. With our range and quality of work, the gallery inventory maintains a current and well-articulated profile in the art world at large.
Artists Represented:
Janine Antoni
Saif Azzuz
Larry Bell
Libby Black
Sarah Cain
Rodrigo Cass
Rosana Castrillo Diaz
Marsha Cottrell
Erica Deeman
Jeremy Dickinson
Leonardo Drew
Tony Feher
Teresita Fernández
Joseph Havel
Jessie Henson
Richard Hoblock
Jim Hodges
Zoe Leonard
Donald Moffett
Dave Muller
Jockum Nordström
Rob Reynolds
Jesse Schlesinger
Kate Shepherd
Jasmin Sian
Caragh Thuring
Tam Van Tran

Works Available By:
Etel Adnan
Josef Albers
Carl Andre
George Baselitz
Robert Bechtle
Lynda Benglis
Antonio Calderara
John Chamberlain
Mary Corse
Habuba Farah
Robert Gober
Donald Judd
Jannis Kounellis
Yayoi Kusama
Claude Lawrence
Robert Mangold
Brice Marden
Agnes Martin
Sigmar Polke
Gerhard Richter
Ed Ruscha
Robert Ryman
Richard Serra
Jesús Rafael Soto
Tavares Strachan
Antoni Tápies
Cy Twombly
Jack Whitten

Current Exhibition

Caragh Thuring

May 23, 2024 - July 26, 2024
Anthony Meier is pleased to present Caragh Thuring’s third exhibition at the gallery, showcasing the London-based artist’s exploration of Mount Tamalpais, the iconic Northern California peak in Marin County. On view from 23 May to 28 June 2024, the exhibition marks Thuring’s first-ever showcase of entirely small-scale works. The 18 paintings that comprise the show deepen the artist’s vibrant and layered investigation of the interplay between natural and human made worlds. For this new body of work, Thuring depicts the majestic Mount Tamalpais – studying it in books, sifting through source material and discovering its history from afar - without ever setting foot on its soil, five thousand miles away in London. Thuring is renowned for her spare and abstracted representations of industrial structures, boundary lines and the body’s recognition of the disjunctive or in-between. Previously working on large-scale canvases of untreated linen and bespoke woven cloth, her paintings reassemble motifs such as brickwork, volcanoes, pyramids and architecture. Here, Thuring integrates Mount Tamalpais into her lexicon. Despite the mountain’s non-volcanic nature, the artist exploits a common misconception and presents it as such, serving her fascination with volcanic phenomena - a recurring and pervasive theme in her work. Symbolising mythological, perilous, and life-sustaining forces, volcanoes are silent yet ominous while dormant, spontaneously erupting with cataclysmic force, and ultimately yielding to a verdant renewal. Mount Tamalpais previous but eroded history bears the scars of a cold war base, ‘the crookedest railroad in the world’ and other human traverses and alterations. Thuring paints various viewpoints, scales and perspectives of the mountain, concocting a recognisable yet complex yearning or romantic envisioning, reinforcing the clash between human intervention and landscape and their mutual battle for domination.

Past Exhibitions

Larry Bell

All Glass

February 8, 2024 - April 12, 2024
Anthony Meier is pleased to present our second solo exhibition by West Coast Light and Space pioneer Larry Bell (b. 1939) on view from February 8 to April 12, 2024. Continuing Bell’s adept utilization of glass and light, which enables him to broaden the visual and physical realms of perception through his sculptures, this exhibition will feature a new large-scale work that debuts a wholly new composition amongst his oeuvre as well as a monumental installation. In shades of red and blue, these works evidence his iconic methodology characterized by endless spontaneity, intuition, and improvisation.

Jessie Henson


November 9, 2023 - January 19, 2024
Anthony Meier is pleased to present Refrain, a solo exhibition of new works by New York-based artist Jessie Henson whose practice blurs boundaries between media by fusing the vernaculars of drawing, sculpture, and embroidery. The artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery since the announcement of her representation in November 2022, Refrain will be on view from 9 November 2023 through 19 January 2024.

Erica Deeman

Emerging States

September 7, 2023 - October 20, 2023
Anthony Meier is pleased to present Emerging States, Erica Deeman’s third exhibition at the gallery, which will continue her multidisciplinary practice that engages with the hybridity of Black diasporic identity, journeys, and the passage of her maternal family from Jamaica to the United Kingdom as part of the Windrush Generation. On view from 7 September to 20 October 2023, the exhibition features a new series of photographs that further expand upon the artist’s experiments in portraiture and includes a new sculptural neon work Points of Memory from her Being series in the gallery’s exhibition window facade.

Group Exhibition Curated by Saif Azzuz

What's That About

June 1, 2023 - August 11, 2023
Anthony Meier is pleased to present What’s that about, a group exhibition curated by gallery artist Saif Azzuz - on view from 1 June – 11 August 2023. Predominantly featuring contemporary Bay Area artists whose practices have intersected with Azzuz’s during his time in the region—such as Teresa Baker, Libby Black, Ernesto Burgos, Cross Lypka, Conrad Guevara, Jennifer Blackmon Guevara, Clifford Hengst, Eamon Ore-Giron, Jay Payton, Grace Rosario Perkins and Lucy Puls—the exhibition additionally includes work by historical figures who share in certain conceptual and material resonances, including Melvin Edwards and Rosie Lee Tompkins.

Kate Shepherd

Something About Shapes

April 7, 2023 - May 19, 2023
Anthony Meier is pleased to present "Something About Shapes", Kate Shepherd’s sixth solo exhibition at the gallery which will feature never-before-seen watercolors and large-scale wall paintings, all of which have been created in dialogue with their environment. On view from 7 April - 19 May 2023, this is the gallery’s second exhibition at its new flagship location in Mill Valley, California. As the first exhibition dedicated to Shepherd’s ongoing series of watercolors, "Something About Shapes" reflects the artist’s time-honored practice of geometrical abstraction that teases out subtle relationships between form and space which might otherwise remain overlooked. Her distinct visual lexicon, generated by superimposing a delicate matrix of chromatic fields to evoke the illusion of three-dimensionality, characterizes both bodies of work, the watercolors and wall drawings alike. Taking as their inspiration the trap doors found along city sidewalks and folding walls, the series of watercolors on view all reflect a certain architectural quality in their arrangement of overlapping and intersecting planes—alluding to stagnated movement and different points of view, exemplified by "Violet, Three Overlapping Planes #77" (2022), a door standing ajar, as in "Brown, Open Door with Plane, #65", (2022), or a wall partition bisecting an otherwise undelineated space, such as in "Black, Open Folded Wall, #43" (2022). The play of light and shadow that results from Shepherd’s delicate manipulation of color in these intimately-scaled monochromatic works share a certain kinship with the literal play of light and shadow that she engages in her large-scale wall paintings. Though similarly drawing upon the planar relationship as a sort of formal conceit, the wall paintings establish a far more direct spatial discourse, compelling a consideration of the viewer’s phenomenological relationship both inside and outside of the work. The viewer is engaged with a larger-than-life figural and gestural reference, suggesting both gravity and motion.

In the Shadow of Mt Tam

January 31, 2023 - March 17, 2023
On view from 31 January through 17 March 2023, "In the Shadow of Mt. Tam" will feature historic works by artists such as Etel Adnan, who spent a finite but critically important time in Marin County––and who eventually went on to establish themselves within the cannons of art history. Artists include Etel Adnan, JB Blunk, Jess Collins, Jay DeFeo, Robert Duncan, Gordon Onslow Ford, Luchita Hurtado, David Ireland, Lee Mullican, Bruce Nauman, Wolfgang Paalen, Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, Lawrence Weiner, William T. Wiley, and Rick Yoshimoto. The exhibition will thread together the allure of Marin’s distinctive natural environment and Mt. Tam itself, as well as the impact of community and place on these artist’s burgeoning practices. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog featuring an essay by art historian Michael Auping.