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1275 Minnesota Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
415 433 2710
Representing San Francisco Bay Area conceptual artists and continuing the legacy of Gallery Paule Anglim.
Artists Represented:
Kim Anno
John Beech
Leo Bersamina
Dean Byington
Jerome Caja
Enrique Chagoya
Ajit Chauhan
Veronica De Jesus
Ala Ebtekar
Ken Graves
Keith Hale
Pamela Helena Wilson
Kathleen Henderson
Mildred Howard
Colter Jacobsen
Paul Kos
Kara Maria
Tom Marioni
Grace Munakata
Tomas Nakada
Gay Outlaw
J. John Priola
Rigo 23
John Roloff
Richard Shaw
Katherine Sherwood
Dean Smith
Mary Snowden
Rico Solinas
M. Louise Stanley
Brian Keith Thomas
Carlos Villa
Stephen Vincent
Benji Whalen
Xiaoze Xie
Arngunnur Ýr
Works Available By:
Robert Bechtle Christopher Brown Joan Brown Terry Fox David Ireland Seydou Keita Frances Stark A. Frick Vernon

Current Exhibitions

Leslie Bostrom


July 9, 2024 - August 17, 2024
Juxtaposing nature against the built environment, Wildlife undermines the human/nature binary. Nature takes primacy in Leslie Bostrom's paintings, foregrounded in urban landscapes with a vibrant slightly acidic color palette.

Group Exhibition

Exquisite Mummies

July 9, 2024 - August 17, 2024
An exquisite corpse-style exhibition of intaglio prints made in 1992 by Isabelle Sorrell and completed by Bay Area artists Léonie Guyer, Prajakti Jayavant, Howard Junker, Paul Kos, Chip Lord, Cheryl Meeker, Kal Spelletich, Amy Trachtenberg and Stephen Vincent in 2023.

Past Exhibitions

Leo Bersamina

Just Eying It as I Go

May 4, 2024 - June 29, 2024
In Just Eyeing It as I Go, Leo Bersamina revisits habitats and locals which sustained the artist through the recent death of his mother.

Ken Graves & Eva Lipman

Seeing Male

March 2, 2024 - April 27, 2024
Seeing Male is an exhibition of photographs captured by partners Ken Graves and Eva Lipman which belong to individual projects shot over three decades. In the early years of their practice, Lipman and Graves documented traditionally male dominated sites: in the back rooms of sporting events, on the sidelines of demolition derbies, in European bathhouses, at military barracks and Boy Scout jamborees. Turning their cameras away from the main event, Lipman and Graves searched for a visual language to express hidden tensions, vulnerabilities and desires at the heart of individual subjects. Photographing during ill-fitted moments, misperformances, and unguarded excess, the artists expose the alienation, anxiety and oppression inflicted upon the male psyche. Despite the social conventions that heterosexualize male contact, homoerotic tensions erupt with latent eroticism, manifest in such qualities as sacrifice and devotion. The extremity of competition, the profound desire for cathartic release and the drive for containment all express the need to overcome restrictions imposed on the male body. Please join us for a reception on Saturday, March 9, from 4-6pm in our first floor gallery. Seeing Male is on view through April 27.

Rico Solinas

You Never Know

March 2, 2024 - April 27, 2024
You Never Know presents four series of plein air paintings, created by Rico Solinas from 1990-2024, which document industrial environments and ungentrified holdouts in the margins of San Francisco. The pieces are linked by his immersion in the Bay Area physical and political landscape: he paints outside, under bright skies, in intimate contact with people and communities. By playing with canvas shape, alignment and arrangement, Solinas creates an oblique composition that questions conventional presentation. In the 1990s, naval bases around the Bay provided the warship material for US intervention in the ongoing Kosovo war. Solinas’s paintings of these vessels, shown in a checker board formation of off-kilter ships, invoke an emotional seasickness towards the US military-industrial complex.   The tondi (Italian for circular paintings) were painted in reverse, using mirrors attached to his easel, and reflect the topsy turvy, unorthodox nature of the Bay Area. Resembling the convex safety mirrors found in parking garages, these portals of optical curiosity offer a new way of looking.   His handsaw paintings depict the exteriors of art museums in the Bay Area, New York and Italy, a network seldom seen in a single space. Their surreal rendering on handsaw blades underlines the power and impact of these institutions on artistic communities.   Solinas’s small gouaches, his most recent project, were created in the streets of the Bayview district of San Francisco over the course of four years during the COVID-19 pandemic. These paintings document a community that has historically been overlooked, and as such evolved an attitude which accepts the uncertainty of life, where one’s best made plans often turn out differently. In life just as in art: you never know. You Never Know is on view through Saturday, April 27.

Thomas Akawie, Brad Brown, Mason Dowling, Donald Feasél, Renée Gertler, Robin McDonnell, Nancy White, Curated by Dean Smith

In a grove

January 13, 2024 - February 24, 2024
Anglim/Trimble is pleased to present In a grove, a gathering of artists utilizing abstraction to create rapturous states of vision marked by the qualities of the sensorial and perceptual. Curated by Dean Smith, the exhibition includes work by Thomas Akawie, Brad Brown, Mason Dowling, Donald Feasél, Renée Gertler, Robin McDonnell, and Nancy White. Inspired by the titular poem of San Francisco visionary poet Philip Lamantia, In a grove expresses the elusive and terrifyingly ecstatic nature of our attempt to decipher the language of the godhead--whose unknowable aspects lie beyond actions or emanations. The paintings and sculptures address the exploration of spaces that create a demarcation between the body and the outside/other, between the self and non-self, or something greater than the self, and sites that vacillate between the agrestic and the architectonic. The artists ask us to consider wonderment and enigma as strategies for exploring what it means to reach outside the self and its environment into something far greater. They too ask what the possibilities of deciphering the talk of the gods may ultimately reveal. Please join us for a reception on Saturday, January 13 from 4-6 pm in our first-floor gallery at Minnesota Street Project. In a grove will be on view through Saturday, February 24. Pictured: Donald Feasél, "Ashden," Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 60 in., 2022

Bryan Keith Thomas

Tufted Cotton

January 6, 2024 - February 24, 2024
We are pleased to announce our first exhibition of 2024, Bryan Keith Thomas: Tufted Cotton. Tufted Cotton is an immersive exhibition that explores the nuance of an ancestral portal through global tapestries and the engagement of black as a color, community, and consciousness. The works, including sculpture, painting, installation, and gallery interventions, celebrate spirituality and the Black experience through the historic symbols of cotton, roses, Church fans, Holy Bibles, text, and the African and African American image. He includes nuances of Asia, India, and Africa as a single community. The mirrors, inspired by the Minkisi-Power figures and nail fetishes from central Africa, symbolize desire, mortality, and ancestral protection. The nails hold the energy of a prayer request. The small cloth bags (Heirloom Bags) adorning many of the paintings bear the spiritual and physical memories of the ancestors. In addition, the bags contain seeds, money, crystals, hair, prayer cloths, and more. Please join us for a reception on Saturday, January 6 from 4-6 pm in our second-floor gallery at Minnesota Street Project. Tufted Cotton is on view through Saturday, February 24. Bryan Keith Thomas was born in Dyersburg, TN and received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Thomas currently resides in Oakland, CA, where he works as a Professor of Fine Art within the Painting and Drawing and Critical Ethnic Studies departments at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. Thomas has exhibited nationally, internationally, and within the Bay Area including Art Basel, Miami; de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA; Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA; Gallery Guichard, Chicago, IL; ArtJaz Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; E & S Gallery, Louisville, KY; the American Embassy, Dakar, Senegal, and Du Sable Museum, Chicago, IL, among others. Thomas received the "White House Honor" as First Lady Laura Bush's guest for his work within the Art in Embassies Program, Washington, DC, and his paintings are in several private and public collections worldwide. Pictured: Bryan Keith Thomas, "Forever Free," Victorian mourning pins, Tennessee cotton, heirloom bags, antique silk tassel, paper flower, rolling pin, antique hand fan, mother of pearl, acrylic and oil on wood, 21 x 33 x 4 in., 2022

Kim Anno, Alexis Arnold, Jeanette Au, Agelio Batle, John Beech, Peter Belkin, Leo Bersamina, Enrique Chagoya, Ajit Chauhan, Veronica De Jesus, Keith Hale, Lauren Hartman, Mildred Howard, Prajakti Jayavant, Paul Kos, Kathleen Henderson, Kara Maria, Tom Marioni, Tomas Nakada, Tiersa Nureyev, Erik Parra, J. John Priola, Rigo 23, John Roloff, Katherine Sherwood, Dean Smith, Isabelle Sorrell, M. Louise Stanley, Travis Sommerville, Stephen Vincent, Benji Whelan, Arngunnur Ýr

Prêt à Placer

November 17, 2023 - December 23, 2023
Prêt à Placer, or “ready to place” in French, is a gallery artist group exhibition that includes friends from SFArtsEd. The works are small but relay the depth and breadth of ideas and styles present in the Bay Area. In addition,10% of all sales benefit SFArtsEd.

Grace Munakata

Biology of Flight

November 4, 2023 - December 23, 2023
Biology of Flight presents paintings and collages that layer memory and meaning. As color, shape, and pattern combine on the picture plane, stories from childhood, fables, and the artist’s delight and concern for Nature appear.

Kim Anno

Animals’ Reading Room

September 7, 2023 - October 28, 2023
Animals’ Reading Room includes videos and paintings that question the moment when humanity took a wrong turn in the evolution towards climate change. Anno looks at animals’ domesticity and the human impulse to exoticize, reflecting on beauty, knowledge, and culpability. The career monograph, Rebel Splendor, will also be available.

A. Frick Vernon


July 6, 2023 - August 19, 2023
A. Frick Vernon: Narratives features drawings circa 1980 and 90, including some earlier works. Frick Vernon showcases the recurring thematic of the Tall Bold Woman, alongside references from Western and Eastern thought. With active line work and Pop colors, she encapsulates the frenetic freedom that was present in Northern California.


May 18, 2023 - July 1, 2023
Abstraction features gallery artists who work with abstraction and use repetition, pattern, and accumulation as formal and conceptual devices. Also included in the show are a selection of works from the estate of Paule Anglim. Artists John Beech, Leo Bersamina, Mark Brest van Kempen, David Ireland, Jack Jefferson, Paul Kos, Tom Marioni, Tomas Nakada, Milton Resnick, Katherine Sherwood, Carlos Villa, Stephen Vincent, Benji Whalen, and Hannah Wilke.

John Roloff

Sentient Terrains

May 11, 2023 - July 1, 2023
Sentient Terrains presents new ceramic projects, assemblages, and related site studies that investigate metabolism, climate, transmutation, and correlations between living and non-living systems. Throughout the gallery, sculptures, photographic imagery, and flags are in conversation about ecology in an expanded frame, complemented by proposals, video, and diagrammatic expressions. Artist Talk and Walk-through Saturday, June 17 at 3pm