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Photo by Scott Rudd Productions 2020
The Art Dealers Association of America has produced a Collectors’ Guide to help collectors navigate the art world and make informed choices about collecting. Art dealers are the pivotal link between artists and their public, and between collectors and works of art. The best dealers possess a degree of specialized expertise that parallels that of curators and art historians, combining connoisseurship and knowledge of art history with practical experience and an understanding of the marketplace. The ADAA Collectors Guide serves as an introduction to the art world and hopefully a starting point for a great collection. The guide includes:

  • What to Look for in a Work of Art
  • Understanding the Art World
  • What Do Dealers Do?
  • How to Buy and Sell through a Dealer
  • Art Fairs
  • What About Auctions?
  • Art on the Internet

Download Collectors' Guide PDF