Appraisal Service

Types of appraisals offered and areas of specialization:

Donation (Income Tax)

Appraisal for non-cash charitable contributions that exceed $5,000.

Estate Tax

Appraisal made when the estate contains artwork. The valuation is at the date of death or the alternative date six months later.

Gift Tax

Appraisal when works of art are gifted from one person to another person.


Insurance companies are now more frequently requesting formal appraisals for replacement value from independent appraisers.


Fine Art Appraisal Areas of Specialization:

Old Master paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints
19th Century American and European art works
20th Century American, European and Latin American art works
International Contemporary art works

Art works are those in all media including painting, drawing, prints, 
photography, sculpture and new media and installations.